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What is TENS?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a simple and noninvasive technique widely used analgesic in the field of health by doctors and physiotherapists. Can be used in clinical practice of health professionals or at home by patients who have a TENS device. TENS is mainly used for the symptomatic treatment of chronic pain, acute and non-malignant. During use of TENS, electrical currents produced by a portable pulse generator enter through the intact skin surface through the conductive electrodes. The conventional way of administration of TENS is to use their electrical characteristics that selectively activate large diameter fibers (Aß) without the activation of smaller diameter fibers. The evidence suggests that this natural method of treatment produces the best noninvasive forms of pain relief. In practice, TENS is used to generate a strong, comfortable Parenthesis at the site of pain. In medicine, TENS is most commonly used electrotherapy for pain relief. TENS use is popular because it is noninvasive, easy to administer, has no side effects or drug interactions. There is no risk of poisoning or overdose, patients may self-administer the TENS treatment and dosage. TENS acts quickly for most patients, so that the benefits of using TENS can be immediate pain relief! In addition, TENS is very inexpensive compared with long term drug treatment.

How does TANYX® work?

Your pain can be felt by electrical signs sent to the brain, through the nerves. TANYX®, uses TENS based technology, which is thought to manage or control pain by either interfering with the neural transmission of pain to the brain (Gate Control Theory), and/or enhancing the release of natural chemicals substances that reduces pain which are normally produced by the body (Endorphin Theory), increasing circulation and proven in relaxing the muscles causing a local paraesthesy. Besides that it stimulates the endorphins production, what is a natural analgesic that promotes the muscular relaxation, helping the user to feel more comfortable. TANYX® has no drugs or any other form of chemical substances that attacks the body, thus providing you with zero side effects what so ever. It is a great ally for those patients who cannot consume drugs. TANYX® design provides comfort and convenience to the user no matter what your daily activities or line of work maybe. The use of a TENS product, has no limits during ingestion of alcohol or other medications (no drug interaction). It’s as easy as taking a pill, but without the side effects. TANYX® is a huge in physiotherapy treatments. A physician or physiotherapist should be seen if there’s any doubts regarding its usage.