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Application of TANYX®

Indicated Use:

  • Chronic and acute pain relief and symptomatic treatment.
  • Back and sciatic nerve Pains.
  • Joint Pains, Osteoarthritis, bursitis, dislocations and sprains.
  • Muscle pain, bruises and tendinitis.
  • Visceral abdominal pain.
  • Main Body and extremities pain.
  • Menstrual cramps pain (Dysmenorrhea).

Applications of TANYX®

1º Remove one side of the gel pad electrode protection, written “take off”.

2º Adhesive the two gel pads onto the TANYX® electrodes, after that, take off the lastic protections written “protection”. Keep the transparent plastic protection aside while using the device and place them back on right after its use, in order to protect the conductive gel to be reused.

3º Clean and dry the skin application site thoroughly. TANYX® gel pads will not adhere well if any lotions, oil, make up, dirt, etc... is on the skin. TANYX® will also not adhere well to areas where abundant body hair is present, shaving the area may be required if necessary. Attach the TANYX® to the site of pain or as close as possible.

4º If electrode gel pad get’s dry, its effectiveness may be improved by slightly damping the gel pad surface with your finger by dipped it in water.

5º Lightly press the two gel areas to assure adhesion to the skin surface.

6º Use your TANYX® by following these next steps. (TANYX® operation and adjustment). Normally, each session can last from 20 to 30 minutes, which is a sufficient amount of time to control ones pain, if necessary you can repeat the session for a longer period time, because there is no time restrictions or amount of application that can be made daily.

7º After use, turn the product off.

8º After turning off, carefully remove your TANYX® from the application site, by removing the gel pad carefully from your skin.

9º Replace the transparent plastic gel pad protection and repack your TANYX® unit again in the blister provided. The life use of the adhesive gel on the electrodes will vary depending upon skin conditions, number of removals from skin surface, type of stimulation, length of stimulation and site of stimulation. A physician or physiotherapist should be seen if there are any doubts regarding its usage

TANYX® Explanatory Videos: